StarKast 06 – In the Valley of the Lows

We all struggle with insecurities and times of low self-esteem, but how do we navigate these times? How do we prevent the lows from affecting and damaging our dynamics? In this episode I sit down with V, another House RavynBlood member, to discuss what can trigger our insecurities, how this can impact our service, and most importantly, what we can do to help ourselves during these times.

StarKast 03 – Tending the Garden

This month I am joined by my dear friend, the lovely julie_R. She is the host of The Fearless Submissive Podcast and slave to Sir Redemption. Listen in as we talk about what things both Dominant AND submissives can do to ensure that a submissive, and ultimately the dynamic, thrive and blossom. We may get a bit off topic but we hit on some good points all the same.  And we have a lot of laughs doing so!