Podcast in Progress

So this has been a crazy busy month with the start of the 2016 Submissive Boot Camp and now a week at The Lair at the 2016 AVN Expo! Add in all the other normal vanilla life happenings like the husband traveling for business and helping Sir prep for vending at The Lair and this month has just flown by!

Needless to say that I fully expected to have the first full length podcast up by now, but as they say best laid plans and all that…the podcast is still in progress! It will definitely up before the end of January. Likely this weekend once I get home from the drive from Vegas.


Excuse the Dust!

Excuse the dust around the website! I am preparing for lots of exciting things, both with the start up of the podcast and with up-coming events House RavynBlood is involved in. Thank you for your patience while I work to add content. 😀