StarKast 09 – Just a Littles Fun!

Hi Hi! It has been a BIG break between podcasts! But I hope that you enjoy the latest podcast on Littles! The adorable and very knowledgeable Cupcake Sinclair joins me as we tip-toe into the big wide world of Age Play & Littles.

Cupcake mentions a Littles Podcast in this episode, here is the link:

Check it out!


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StarKast 08 – A Gear in the Works: Sir Gear’s Path to Dominance

Sir Gear and I talk about his amazing and amusing path to becoming a Dominant and some of the stops along the way!

Also in this episode is my awesome my new intro! Tell me what you think! I think I am going to have way too much fun with some of the new tricks I am learning on my audio program. 😀


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StarKast 07 – Don’t Forget to Play!

I am WAY overdue for getting a podcast up. Life, it happens! But I finally managed to sit down with a few friends of mine to discuss some things about play. We get a little off topic and we could have recorded for at least another two hours, but I think we covered some good stuff!

Take a listen and enjoy our silly fun!

StarKast 06 – In the Valley of the Lows

We all struggle with insecurities and times of low self-esteem, but how do we navigate these times? How do we prevent the lows from affecting and damaging our dynamics? In this episode I sit down with V, another House RavynBlood member, to discuss what can trigger our insecurities, how this can impact our service, and most importantly, what we can do to help ourselves during these times.

StarKast 05 – DomCon LA 2016!

I took the podcast to DomCon LA this year to give an idea of what it is like. This is the biggest convention for the kink and BDSM community and it is AMAZING! Check out the podcast and excuse all the background noise, the hall gets very busy and noisy.

Take a listen to hear from members of House RavynBlood, Kink Weekly, Mistress Molly, and more! And we wrapped the weekend up with a chat with the wonderful Mistress Cyan!



Kink Weekly:

Mistress Molly:

Alpha Dog Rescue:

DomCon LA:

StarKast 04 – Misconceptions

Master Gabriel (the Man I call Sir!) joins me this month for a discussion on some of the common misconceptions in the kink community. Listen in as I ask Sir some questions about His time in the scene and as we dig into assumptions made in the kink community.

Make sure to send in your questions to Sir for His Dominant Training Series, email by Friday, May 13th!

StarKast 03 – Tending the Garden

This month I am joined by my dear friend, the lovely julie_R. She is the host of The Fearless Submissive Podcast and slave to Sir Redemption. Listen in as we talk about what things both Dominant AND submissives can do to ensure that a submissive, and ultimately the dynamic, thrive and blossom. We may get a bit off topic but we hit on some good points all the same.  And we have a lot of laughs doing so!

StarKast 02 – All About that Star

For February’s podcast, I thought it would be good to tell my listeners a little bit about me and my journey. And who better to help with this then Sir, Master Gabriel! He definitely had me on my toes with these questions. Hope you enjoy listening, I know I had a lot of fun recording this one!

Podcast in Progress

So this has been a crazy busy month with the start of the 2016 Submissive Boot Camp and now a week at The Lair at the 2016 AVN Expo! Add in all the other normal vanilla life happenings like the husband traveling for business and helping Sir prep for vending at The Lair and this month has just flown by!

Needless to say that I fully expected to have the first full length podcast up by now, but as they say best laid plans and all that…the podcast is still in progress! It will definitely up before the end of January. Likely this weekend once I get home from the drive from Vegas.